Oh my goodness, the weekend I’ve been waiting for FINALLY arrived!! Reason being…it came with the O’Hare’s!!! My sister & hubby (#4 and 4a) arrived with their brood from The Woodlands, TX on Saturday around 5pm. Soon after, Dad had the New Braunfels sausages that #4 had shipped earlier in the week on the grill. Amazing potato salad, fresh strawberries, chips, and last-minute brownies made for a fantastic meal. (Special thanks to my niece/god-daughter, Anna, for the potato salad and brownies)! I CANNOT believe I did not snap pics of the food!!!

Bratwurst from New Braunfels, TX

After dinner we walked over to Silverado for fireworks (in honor of # 3’s birthday)! There was a little pre-firework excitement when the sprinklers went on amidst a group of spectators about 30 feet away. So funny! (Especially since my fam didn’t get wet). Tee hee.

Waiting for fireworks to start

Oh, and I just had to include this pic of my niece/god-daughter #2. Seriously, my god-daughters ROCK!

Stars spangled!