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I am doing the boot scootin boogie because I am officially on vacation! HOORAY! I hit the road for Donner in the morning. This is where I’m going to meet up with Dad, #2, various & sundry nieces and nephews and together we will caravan to the top-secret destination! Well, it’s really only top-secret if you’re not Pookie and if you’re not a FB friend…so…nah, not telling yet.

Anyhow, I just LOVE a good road-trip.


Tonight I find myself in an interesting situation. I’m trying to stretch out a Filson “Bush” hat that I haven’t worn since I took a fly fishing trip to Idaho many years ago. A lot of years. So many years that it appears my head has widened. Is that possible? I’m kind of getting a headache now, but I really need to get this little guy stretched out for my upcoming vacation. This is also definitely not a great tv watching hat. Or cooking hat. That darn brim blocks everything…especially the light. However, I do have the chinstrap pulled snug just in case a tornado comes my way.

Stay tuned for top secret vacation details!

I spied this lady last week sitting in front of a shop on Polk and thought “my goodness, there is a lot going on there”. Well, I spied her just a bit ago as I was walking to the grocer a few blocks from my apartment. I managed to get ahead of her and pause at the corner while “fiddling” with my phone. As she got closer I heard her say (err…slur), “hideous outfit. just hideous”.  What? I’m looking very weekend chic in gray sweatpants, gray t-shirt, gray sweater, and red flip-flops (splash of color)! Well, lady, as long as we’re throwing stones…right back atchya!

Each week I get a delivery of fresh, seasonal produce that Capay Valley Farm Shop procures from over a dozen different local farms. I’m lucky enough that they deliver straight to my work which makes it super convenient. They offer two subscriptions: a Peck (small mix, feeds 1-2) or a Bushel (large mix, feeds 2-4), $16 and $24, respectively. I’ve signed up for the peck and it is such a treat to see what is in each week’s box. Not to mention how delicious everything tastes…so fresh and flavorful. The biggest benefit is that I’m actually eating veggies on a regular basis. Hooray!

This week’s peck:
Early Girl Tomatoes – Blue Heron Farm
Flamingo Peppers, Blue Lake Green Beans & Fresh Yellow Onions – Full Belly Farm
Suncrest Peaches – Good Humus Produce
Sweet Corn & Carrots – Riverdog Farm

In preparation for summer road trip numero duo I took my car in for its 60k mile check-up. Someone had no idea that a 60k mile check-up would cost an arm & a leg, but I checked with a couple of guys I know and apparently $400 is reasonable. Who knew? And who would think that 8 hours later $400 would have been a dream as opposed to the $561.21 I just dropped to replace a “valve cover gasket” (a what?) and drive belts (they must be Gucci). All in all I’ll consider it a win since a) I’m almost certain my car is driving better, b) It’s the first tune-up my car has had since 2006, and c) They washed it! HOORAY!


Not only did I venture  south of market to get my car fixed, but I also took muni (#47) from the car place to work (30 minute ride!) and back again to pick up my car. I’m like a muni master! $4 round-trip in what would have cost at least $30 in cab fare. The morning ride was less disgusting than the afternoon ride, that’s for sure. It’s common knowledge that the icky people don’t wake up before 9.

So, how do you start off a great weekend? By leaving work at 1:30, stopping at Angelo’s for jerky on the drive to Napa, and taking a quick swim with my Texas relatives before enjoying a delicious trout dinner (thanks, Dad)! How do you make a great weekend better? Well, an hour and a half full body massage at Glow doesn’t hurt. They can consider me a client, let me think, FOREVER. Top that with a leisurely lunch at Donny G’s (formally known as Bistro Don Giovanni) with two of my bestest friends, another quick swim and another delish dinner (thanks, #4)! Top it off with fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream while watching Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Murder on the Orient Express and you can call me a pretty happy girl! Hooray for family, friends, and summertime fun!

Ok, I think I’ve nearly recovered from walking 39.2 miles this weekend. Congrats to our awesome team, Dance in the Rain, who raised $25.5k toward breast cancer care and research! And a huge THANK YOU to our cheering squad who spent 2 days in SF, maneuvering through the city to cheer us on! I would have curled up in a gutter somewhere around mile 18 if it hadn’t been for you!

The entire experience was emotional, inspiring and truly amazing…I’ve already signed up for next year!

Heading to a party to meet some friends. Oh…there they are!

The big weekend is almost here! I hope to walk 39 miles this weekend in honor of my mumsie. Team Dance in the Rain has raised $25,098 – so far!

I am soooooooooo excited to face this challenge…and scared, and sad, but more than anything I am hopeful for a cure.

Here’s a glimpse of my walking ensemble….

Check-in over the weekend for an update!

Oh my goodness, the weekend I’ve been waiting for FINALLY arrived!! Reason being…it came with the O’Hare’s!!! My sister & hubby (#4 and 4a) arrived with their brood from The Woodlands, TX on Saturday around 5pm. Soon after, Dad had the New Braunfels sausages that #4 had shipped earlier in the week on the grill. Amazing potato salad, fresh strawberries, chips, and last-minute brownies made for a fantastic meal. (Special thanks to my niece/god-daughter, Anna, for the potato salad and brownies)! I CANNOT believe I did not snap pics of the food!!!

Bratwurst from New Braunfels, TX

After dinner we walked over to Silverado for fireworks (in honor of # 3’s birthday)! There was a little pre-firework excitement when the sprinklers went on amidst a group of spectators about 30 feet away. So funny! (Especially since my fam didn’t get wet). Tee hee.

Waiting for fireworks to start

Oh, and I just had to include this pic of my niece/god-daughter #2. Seriously, my god-daughters ROCK!

Stars spangled!

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