Friday night, the night before a 6am wake-up call to catch a 8:45am flight out of Oakland I was packed & tucked into bed. It’s a weekend night and occasionally bar-hoppers wander by and I hear it, but it’s not usually enough to totally wake me because they keep moving and I’m used to noise. Well, around 1:30am I heard A LOT of noise, but waited for it to pass as it usually does. This crowd did not pass…in fact…they just got louder. Finally, out of frustration, I peeked through my blinds to see what was happening. A large crowd had gathered in the intersection of Polk @ Washington and were kicking a soccer ball around. Um…WHAT? A crowd of drunk, morons were yelling (go U.S.A.!!) and kicking a soccer ball which was bouncing off cars, buildings, etc…I crawled back into bed assuming the police car I saw would take care of things. 15 sleepless minutes later the crowd and noise had only increased. Apparently, drunk people kicking a soccer ball at 1:45am doesn’t warrant action by the SFPD. Noted.

Luckily, someone has the SFPD hotline on their speed-dial and placed a call to the shocked operator who could hear the trouble-makers through the phone (according to my source). The crowd finally dispersed around 2:15 right before the po-po arrived back on the scene, but not before I pulled on lounge-wear & grabbed my camera. (Sorry about the darkness of the pic – hard to figure out the right camera setting for an impromptu 2am soccer game outside your apartment).

Btw, I’ve been tired ever since. Grrrrr….And SFPD…you’re on my “not favorite people” list this week.

Game on