If a pic of Yosemite Sam didn’t tip you off that I was in Yosemite then I will tell you now…I was in Yosemite!!!!!

My dear friends Heather & Claire invited me to join them and their family on an extended weekend. They’ve been going every year for decades and were sweet enough to extend an invite to yours truly for a 2nd time!

The last trip was 3 or 4 years ago and that time we tackled Half Dome. This year we climbed Upper Yosemite falls to Yosemite Point which nearly did me in. I read that it’s the equivalent of climbing the Empire State Building…TWICE. My calves are finally starting to forgive me…

If you look at the picture titled “Are you kidding me???”, we climbed to the highest point on the upper right. It was totally worth it…the view was AMAZING…and the beers/margaritas back at the bottom were well deserved!

Great friends, great adventures, and rumor has it I’m on the invite list for next year. HOORAY!

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