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Nothing like skipping down to the bus stop feeling super cute in my new skirt with hair that is behaving and looking ooh-la-la. And then looking up to see the bus pulling up right on time…and stepping on the bus and having the money machine broken so I get a free ride. Lucky me! I sashay my way to the 1st available seat and, the way my morning is going, fully expect to look up and see the most handsome, single man in all of San Francisco (who may or may not have a red rose for moi)…err…or a yucky homeless man with all of his belongings. Darn. Can’t win em all…


Friday night, the night before a 6am wake-up call to catch a 8:45am flight out of Oakland I was packed & tucked into bed. It’s a weekend night and occasionally bar-hoppers wander by and I hear it, but it’s not usually enough to totally wake me because they keep moving and I’m used to noise. Well, around 1:30am I heard A LOT of noise, but waited for it to pass as it usually does. This crowd did not pass…in fact…they just got louder. Finally, out of frustration, I peeked through my blinds to see what was happening. A large crowd had gathered in the intersection of Polk @ Washington and were kicking a soccer ball around. Um…WHAT? A crowd of drunk, morons were yelling (go U.S.A.!!) and kicking a soccer ball which was bouncing off cars, buildings, etc…I crawled back into bed assuming the police car I saw would take care of things. 15 sleepless minutes later the crowd and noise had only increased. Apparently, drunk people kicking a soccer ball at 1:45am doesn’t warrant action by the SFPD. Noted.

Luckily, someone has the SFPD hotline on their speed-dial and placed a call to the shocked operator who could hear the trouble-makers through the phone (according to my source). The crowd finally dispersed around 2:15 right before the po-po arrived back on the scene, but not before I pulled on lounge-wear & grabbed my camera. (Sorry about the darkness of the pic – hard to figure out the right camera setting for an impromptu 2am soccer game outside your apartment).

Btw, I’ve been tired ever since. Grrrrr….And SFPD…you’re on my “not favorite people” list this week.

Game on

If a pic of Yosemite Sam didn’t tip you off that I was in Yosemite then I will tell you now…I was in Yosemite!!!!!

My dear friends Heather & Claire invited me to join them and their family on an extended weekend. They’ve been going every year for decades and were sweet enough to extend an invite to yours truly for a 2nd time!

The last trip was 3 or 4 years ago and that time we tackled Half Dome. This year we climbed Upper Yosemite falls to Yosemite Point which nearly did me in. I read that it’s the equivalent of climbing the Empire State Building…TWICE. My calves are finally starting to forgive me…

If you look at the picture titled “Are you kidding me???”, we climbed to the highest point on the upper right. It was totally worth it…the view was AMAZING…and the beers/margaritas back at the bottom were well deserved!

Great friends, great adventures, and rumor has it I’m on the invite list for next year. HOORAY!

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I am off tomorrow on a mini-road trip to an undisclosed location. I hope to have pics for you next week! Or, if I can figure out the WordPress app, you might get an update sooner rather than later, but don’t hold your breath…

My only hint to you is this:

I’ve never seen a full episode of Glee. (Sorry, Gleeks).  It happened to be the season finale tonight so I figured…what the hay. I watched while packing for my extended weekend (which I’ll post about next week). Anyhow, the final song caught me by surprise…as it keeps sneaking up on me. (I take it as a hug from Mumsie)!

Below is the song performed by the Glee actors, but not how it was shown on tonight’s episode. I just love this song!

I LOVE it when I’m driving back to SF from Napa and the sky changes from clear blue to thick fog in under 2 minutes. Here are a few snapshots from my drive earlier this afternoon (around 1pm).

And, guess what, blue sky is shining over my apartment. SF weather is always a surprise…I love it!

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After the 13-mile training walk on the 22nd it was clear that I had to 1) get new shoes and b) step it up a notch. So on Saturday I did at least 8 miles (I honestly think it was closer to 10).  It was an absolutely beautiful morning in SF and I couldn’t resist getting new kicks and taking them on a maiden voyage across the GG. A mini-cruise as opposed to a voyage probably would have been smarter because I came ashore with new blisters and a sunburn. Oops. Note to self: buy and apply sunscreen.

Sunday was a day of rest (The Lord said it was ok) and yesterday I took to the pavement in my old shoes and did another 8 miles. Guess what? My old shoes gave me new blisters. I suspect they heard about my new kicks and were retaliating. How rude!

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