Scooted out of work a little early today and hunkered down in the dark basement of La Trappe for farewell drinks for two co-workers who are moving on to new adventures. One to New York and one to Italy! I hadn’t heard of this place until a few days ago, but if you like beer you’re really going to like it here. And if you like beer and mussels you’re going to really, REALLY like it here.

The beer menu is ridiculous. It’s practically a text-book. My 1st glass was a bourbon barreled something-or-other which was on tap. Unbelievably delicious. I shared a bottle of something-or-other with my manager. Have no clue what it was, but I preferred the bourbon barreled beer for sure. Sorry, if i hadn’t been laughing so hard at the conversations I would have taken better notes.

The beer selection is truly incredible and paired with mussels…oy…I could have stayed all night. The mussels are served in great pots with incredible juices and seasoning. Indescribable.

I’m caught. Hook, line, and sinker.