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I don’t know what happened. I was walking through Walgreen’s minding my own business (in the candy aisle perusing ingredients for candy salad) when my eyes narrowed in on the most amazing sign ever. Baby Ruth’s and 100 Grand bars were on sale for 39 cents. 39 CENTS I tell ya!!! I haven’t eaten an entire candy bar in many, many years. I’ve eaten parts of candy bars and a lot of miniature candy bars (neither of which count), but not a whole candy bar. I should have turned and walked away, but those are practically 1980’s prices soooo…now I’m the proud owner of 7 candy bars! Tonight I’m going to chop up a Baby Ruth (it has nuts which practically makes it a nutrition bar) and add it to my candy salad. Guilt free!


April showers bring May flowers. And, as it turns out, April showers bring April flowers too. I picked these from my parent’s garden two weeks ago. The lilacs are so fragrant and lasted a good 10 days. The roses are still going strong! A ton of mom’s roses were budding and I hope to pick a bucket-load (literally) this weekend. They remind me of mumsie and make me smile!

One of my bestest friends was in town over the weekend and we took the opportunity to veg out at her parent’s house in the hills of St. Helena while they were on vacay in Virginia. We had no agenda and our only goal was to lounge and read as many magazines as possible.

A few highlights: wine & snacks on the patio, a hike through Los Posadas, lunch at Taylor’s Refresher (now stupidly renamed Gott’s Roadhouse), and ice cream at The Big Dipper (twice). In between those strenuous activities I managed to lounge and read about 12 magazines. Lovely!

Unintentional poignant pic. Pulitzer?

Mon frere numero trois happened to be in town tonight and as an avid follower of polkstreetandmore he wanted to check out La Trappe which I did a post about a few days ago. They have beers from all over the world…hence me showing off my sophisticated linguistic skillology.

So, after a quick beer at Burgermeister we walked one block north to La Trappe. We started off with the Pajottenland Toast (Sliced Pumpernickel with fromage blanc, sweet watermelon radish, and crisp scallions) and a Damnation beer from Russian River brewery for him and a Curieux (Bourbon barrel aged beer) for me. The pumpernickel toasts were so clean and fresh…yummy. According to #3 the Curieux really does have a strong hint of bourbon. Who knew? Never having had bourbon I couldn’t tell. I just knew it was delicious.

Now, #3 had never had mussels before. Can you believe it? He loves clams in butter/garlic so I thought he’d for sure like the Mariniere mussels (Wittekerke white beer sauce reduction with lemon, shallots, and fresh herbs) and I was right. Yay! The mussels are served with fries and your choice of dipping sauces…I went with ketchup, dijon, and an aioli. #3 had another Damnation and I opted to switch it up with an Italian Pilsner (Tilo Pils) which tasted like any other Pilsner I’ve ever tasted. People go nutty over the fries, but we agreed…they aren’t “all that and a bag of chips”.

The basement area is so dark that the pictures of the mussels and fries didn’t quite turn out, but thanks to the candle light I managed an “ok” shot of the Pajottenland Toast.

As we were wrapping up dinner #3 over-heard someone at the bar say it was Hitler’s birthday today. So, I thought I should inform him that it’s also “420 day“…the day pot-smokers unite and toke up at 4:20 on 4/20.

#3…you’re not in Texas anymore…

Last night I met up with friends to celebrate someone’s 40th birthday (not mine!). We had the loveliest time catching up on the patio at Bistro Don Giovanni in Napa. This is probably my most favorite restaurant…casual, but still elegant…and just yummy! We started the evening off with a refreshing grapefruit martini and the fritto misto appetizer. For the main course I had the seared filet of salmon with buttermilk mashed potatoes. Amazing, amazing! Ok, so that was all great and lovely…not to mention filling, but I am so glad I had a little extra room for the butterscotch pudding. Next time I think I’m going have that as my main course! And then maybe have it again for dessert…

Happy Birthday to my dear friend “the Jackal”!

The patio

Scooted out of work a little early today and hunkered down in the dark basement of La Trappe for farewell drinks for two co-workers who are moving on to new adventures. One to New York and one to Italy! I hadn’t heard of this place until a few days ago, but if you like beer you’re really going to like it here. And if you like beer and mussels you’re going to really, REALLY like it here.

The beer menu is ridiculous. It’s practically a text-book. My 1st glass was a bourbon barreled something-or-other which was on tap. Unbelievably delicious. I shared a bottle of something-or-other with my manager. Have no clue what it was, but I preferred the bourbon barreled beer for sure. Sorry, if i hadn’t been laughing so hard at the conversations I would have taken better notes.

The beer selection is truly incredible and paired with mussels…oy…I could have stayed all night. The mussels are served in great pots with incredible juices and seasoning. Indescribable.

I’m caught. Hook, line, and sinker.

My dear friend Nanny B sent me a sweet care package the other day. (It sure is fun getting stuff in the mail)! As you may know, I am training for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk along with 9 other team members. It’s a 2-day, 39 mile journey to raise money for cancer screenings and research. My team has raised $15,616 so far and we are one of the top SF fundraisers (ranked #7)! The care package was walk related and here’s what it contained:

Cutie Patootie socks (I really needed new socks…I busted these open right away)
Water Bottle (Hydration is key)
Luna Bars (Snacks are key)
Foot Creme to “keep my puppies nice and hydrated”

Nanny and her sister also sent me a gift certificate to their spa Glow in Napa. Aren’t they the sweetest? I’m soooooooo excited for a little relaxation!

…the Candystriper tranny!

About a month ago I posted a very poignant (lift eyebrow here) blog about my neighborhood streetwalker. I saw her (?) again tonight at Discount Grocers on Polk. As previously mentioned this grocer is a block from my apartment so very convenient. And discounts don’t actually exist, but skeezy customers are aplenty. It took CT 10 minutes to unload a shopping cart with about 20 items in it and another 10 minutes to exchange a LOT of $5 bills for $20 bills. All the while she was talking in a young girlish voice and giggling. The cashier was none too pleased. I finally moved to another line because a) I’d taken the pics I needed and b) I didn’t really want to spend the night in the grocery store behind cuckoo-cachoo.

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