Ok, I was going to write about my amazing 12 mile training walk, but I think I’ll save that for tomorrow when I’m bedridden.

I can’t resist doing a post about the Candystriper tranny (aka CT)! I see “her” on the streets periodically, but tonight we were both at the same grocery store. I fully admit the clientele at this grocer isn’t stellar, but its only 1 block from my apartment so convenience wins over clientele. Oh, and the homeless man sitting out front always says “Hi Beautiful, do you have any change”? He calls me beautiful. So nice!

Anyhow, I’ve spied CT a few times while walking to breakfast and it’s always an eyeful of confusion. From a block away you’re like…wow, you’re so petite and what a darling uniform! And then 5 feet away you start to scrunch up your face and your eyes roll around in your head while trying to make sense of it all. Finally you deduce…oh my…sir…um…I don’t think that’s appropriate make-up OR stockings for breakfast time.

The times I’ve seen her she wears similar clothes as in the photos below, but her stockings are usually red and white striped and typically paired with bright red 4″ heels (hence her nickname). I guess this is CT’s day off!

The most disturbing part about this whole thing is that when I see CT I can’t help but think of Truly Scrumptious disguised as a life-size doll in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Similar make-up and the outfits aren’t that far off either…