Power is out! More to come on this tomorrow…me and my candles are throwing in the towel and calling it a night. (Thanks coffee shop next door for your wireless connection)…

UPDATE: Yes, the power did go out last night…twice! I have to say that I love a good power outage! It’s always a surprise and great fun to see how prepared or…ahem…unprepared I am.

The first time it was out for about 30 minutes. Luckily, I had 3 decorative candles on hand so I lit those guys right away. (I also had a box of tapers from work so I knew I could light the place up like the 4th of July, if needed). I REALLY wished I’d charged my computer and phone…mac had about 20% of the battery left (which is nothing) and my phone was at 50% (a semi-relief). After learning I had no entertainment except tripping over stuff, I decided I might as well grab my flashlight, curl up, and read. Great idea, except by the time I find my $1.99 flashlight I also find it in pieces. How did this happen?! Ok, fine…I have a lot of candles so I’ll light more of those and read. OK. The stress of having 5 candles  that close to a comforter and 5 pillows is soooooo stressful. And, reading by candlelight is hard. How come in the movies people can read with one candle? Lies, I tell ya! I was worried one would fall over and burn the place up, or get a piece of my hair and light my head on fire!

Anyhow, luckily the power came back on and I reset all the clocks and put my candles back in there place and was pleased with my ability to go with the flow. No biggie. And just when I was feeling the joy of my success…the power went out AGAIN. Now, I have to reset all the clocks AGAIN! I’m sure I’ll get to it by the weekend…I’m silently protesting PG&E by not resetting them. I wonder if they’re getting the message…

So, a few lessons learned here: Always keep mac and phone fully charged during questionable weather, buy a flashlight (or two), and wait a good hour before resetting clocks.

What fun!