It was definitely a difficult and exhausting week, but as promised I will keep up my blog and get back in the swing of things.

Sooo…on Friday, back at my parent’s house we had a feast! Not only were we entertained by #3 and #4’s friends from high school who are HILARIOUS, but we had BBQed crab legs (along with filet mignon & Caesar salad). Who ever heard of cooking crab on the BBQ? Not me, that’s for sure. I have to say that everything was outstanding…not only because crab is my most favorite crustacean (and & I picked the meatiest of legs), but our friends made me realize that I can still laugh until my sides hurt. I also really like how #3 takes over the kitchen and rallies the “boys” to help while the “girls” take up residence in the living room with a glass or two of wine…teehee. Is there any chance that #3 will be back at the helm next Friday? And any chance he’ll add dish duty to his repertoire?

Fresh off the BBQ