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I met up with a couple of friends earlier this week at the  Starlight Room located on the 21st floor of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. None of us had been before and what a treat! The view of Union Square is absolutely amazing during the holidays. I can’t imagine paying $12 for a cocktail when the view is not this sparkly, but who knows…maybe I’ll return in the spring to check it out. For the record I had Harry’s Martini (Tanqueray 10, st. germain elderflower liqueur dry vermouth and a dash of orange) which was delicious. And truth be told…I didn’t pay for it….thanks, friends!

Overlooking Union Square


A few weeks ago my Dad taught me how to use an ax.  I split the big ones into tiny ones…Dad split the tiny ones into firewood. FUN! Swinging an ax is awesome! And I’m really glad Dad didn’t capture me swinging with my eyes closed…even though that’s when I had my best hits. Shhh…

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