Every once in a while on my way to Napa I’ll pull into Angelo’s deli to pick up a few slices of their homemade jerky. It is THE best. Angelo’s is a tiny little spot on highway 121 (right before it turns into Arnold Drive) that lucky tourists find by accident and locals love. They provide samples of all the flavors (8 total, I think) so you can make an educated decision about what to buy…which is great because it ain’t cheap. Yesterday I went for 2 slices each of the V.I.P., BBQ, and Teryiaki, and tossed in 1 Garlic at the end. She loaded up the scale, glanced at me and said, “$16.50…too much?”. I was prepared for the sticker shock and happily declared, “Nope, wrap it up”.

Angelo’s also accepts $1 donations to help support sending Jerky shipments a few times a month to our troops! Nice!