…go nowhere if you were waiting for the #19 earlier this evening.

It started raining late this afternoon which caught me unprepared…again. Although, I actually own a raincoat & umbrella (thanks, mom!) I didn’t have either of them with me today. So I checked the muni schedule online and zipped down to Beach @ Polk to catch the 19 Express…which was arriving in 9 minutes. Sounds like a plan, right? Well, the 19 arrived and pulled over for a “break”. And two minutes later another 19 arrived and parked behind the 1st one for a “break”. And then a few minutes later a THIRD 19 arrived and parked behind the second one for a “break”. Just so we’re clear…THREE buses appeared and were ALL on a break. I assume they had a case of Gavin Newsom-itis. You know, only working when you feel like it.