Ma, Pa, and I made the rounds today driving up the coast stopping at various and sundry “hot spots”…one of which was The Cheese Factory in Petaluma. According to their literature they’ve been making cheese since 1865…which means they know what they’re doing…and boy do they! One taste of the Camembert and I was sold. I bought (well, technically Dad bought) a little 4oz piece to take home. I can’t wait to dig a knife into that little guy!

Sidenote: Many, many, many moons ago on a family outing we made a swift u-turn at the Cheese Factory after discovering we’d left one of my siblings at the Petaluma Mill. Oops! We hastily turned around and picked up #4 (none the wiser) and headed back on our merry way. (Most likely after a solid head-count confirming #’s 1-7 were all present and accounted for).