Little Mouse House (LMH) resident took off her clothes and got into bed at the very late hour of ten o’clock on Sunday night. She was greatly amazed to hear the clinks and clanks outside her window. LMH peeked out her window and said, “China-lady, what a big bag you have!”

“All the better to snag your recyclables, my dear.”

“China-lady, what green gloves you have!”

“All the better to protect my fingers with, my child.”

“China-lady, what a noise you create!”

“I’m just grabbing your bottles, plastics, and cardboard my child.”

“China-lady, what a big sweater you have!”

“All the better to hide my stolen recyclable’s, my child.”

“China-lady, what big eyes you have!”

“Because you should be asleep and NOT snapping photos of me stealing your recyclable’s!”

And, saying these words, Little Mouse House resident snapped away and then went to bed…And China-Lady continued to pilfer.


P.S. I guess I should make a note that this blog is meant in good humor. I report the happenings around me and I love all people…except those that keep me up at night because they pick through my trash & smoke outside my window…or bother me in any other way.