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Every once in a while on my way to Napa I’ll pull into Angelo’s deli to pick up a few slices of their homemade jerky. It is THE best. Angelo’s is a tiny little spot on highway 121 (right before it turns into Arnold Drive) that lucky tourists find by accident and locals love. They provide samples of all the flavors (8 total, I think) so you can make an educated decision about what to buy…which is great because it ain’t cheap. Yesterday I went for 2 slices each of the V.I.P., BBQ, and Teryiaki, and tossed in 1 Garlic at the end. She loaded up the scale, glanced at me and said, “$16.50…too much?”. I was prepared for the sticker shock and happily declared, “Nope, wrap it up”.

Angelo’s also accepts $1 donations to help support sending Jerky shipments a few times a month to our troops! Nice!


…go nowhere if you were waiting for the #19 earlier this evening.

It started raining late this afternoon which caught me unprepared…again. Although, I actually own a raincoat & umbrella (thanks, mom!) I didn’t have either of them with me today. So I checked the muni schedule online and zipped down to Beach @ Polk to catch the 19 Express…which was arriving in 9 minutes. Sounds like a plan, right? Well, the 19 arrived and pulled over for a “break”. And two minutes later another 19 arrived and parked behind the 1st one for a “break”. And then a few minutes later a THIRD 19 arrived and parked behind the second one for a “break”. Just so we’re clear…THREE buses appeared and were ALL on a break. I assume they had a case of Gavin Newsom-itis. You know, only working when you feel like it.

Ma, Pa, and I made the rounds today driving up the coast stopping at various and sundry “hot spots”…one of which was The Cheese Factory in Petaluma. According to their literature they’ve been making cheese since 1865…which means they know what they’re doing…and boy do they! One taste of the Camembert and I was sold. I bought (well, technically Dad bought) a little 4oz piece to take home. I can’t wait to dig a knife into that little guy!

Sidenote: Many, many, many moons ago on a family outing we made a swift u-turn at the Cheese Factory after discovering we’d left one of my siblings at the Petaluma Mill. Oops! We hastily turned around and picked up #4 (none the wiser) and headed back on our merry way. (Most likely after a solid head-count confirming #’s 1-7 were all present and accounted for).

Don’t be afraid…today is the final and 3rd Friday the 13th of 2009. The next year to have three Friday the 13th dates will be 2015! Bummer.

And…Who’s the lucky one celebrating a birthday on this Friday the 13th? Why, my mumsie, of course!

Happy Birthday, Mom!


My mom and I went on a little adventure up-valley and took a few pics of the vines last weekend. The colors are so stunning I can’t like, hardly stand it…like, totally, oh my god…

…the son’s raise meat!

My aunt and uncle run a working cattle/guest ranch in the Northern Rocky Mountains (Focus Ranch). It is one of the most beautiful and amazing places on the planet. I can’t think of a better place to really get away from the “noise” of life and reconnect with nature and disconnect from the internet, cell phone, and all those pesky social networking sites that have my brain stuck on fast-forward. I haven’t been back in a few years, but I’ve made a promise to myself to go next year! For as much to walk along the Little Snake River, round-up cattle (how many people can list that as a skill???), eat the yummiest homemade meals, and maybe, just maybe figure out how to get on the mailing list for the MEAT.

I was visiting my folks over the weekend and for Sunday breakfast they pulled out the “real ranch bacon”. I can’t even describe the flavor except to say it was the best thing I’ve ever tasted. EVER. Guess who’s going back this Sunday for Sunday breakfast? Lucky me!

Little Mouse House (LMH) resident took off her clothes and got into bed at the very late hour of ten o’clock on Sunday night. She was greatly amazed to hear the clinks and clanks outside her window. LMH peeked out her window and said, “China-lady, what a big bag you have!”

“All the better to snag your recyclables, my dear.”

“China-lady, what green gloves you have!”

“All the better to protect my fingers with, my child.”

“China-lady, what a noise you create!”

“I’m just grabbing your bottles, plastics, and cardboard my child.”

“China-lady, what a big sweater you have!”

“All the better to hide my stolen recyclable’s, my child.”

“China-lady, what big eyes you have!”

“Because you should be asleep and NOT snapping photos of me stealing your recyclable’s!”

And, saying these words, Little Mouse House resident snapped away and then went to bed…And China-Lady continued to pilfer.


P.S. I guess I should make a note that this blog is meant in good humor. I report the happenings around me and I love all people…except those that keep me up at night because they pick through my trash & smoke outside my window…or bother me in any other way.

Last night I zipped outside to snap a pic of the moon (because I rarely see it between the tall buildings) and managed to snap a pic of the moon and some crazy cabbie heading the wrong way down Washington. After a lot of honking he backed-up and turned around. Very exciting!


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