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Halloween reminds me of a little poem my Dad used to recite to my brothers, sisters, and me when we were kids. It wasn’t enough growing up in Napa and having to keep my eyes peeled for the “Grape Monster”, but I also had to watch out for Little Orphan Annie. Here’s an excerpt from the poem…read it aloud with a deep, scary voice and everyone around you will be hiding under the covers!

Little Orphan Annie’s come to my house to stay.
To wash the cups and saucers up and brush the crumbs away.
To shoo the chickens from the porch and dust the hearth and sweep,
and make the fire and bake the bread to earn her board and keep.
While all us other children, when the supper things is done,
we sit around the kitchen fire and has the mostest fun,
a listening to the witch tales that Annie tells about
and the goblins will get ya if ya don’t watch out!
James Whitcomb Riley



Thanks to the tiny fairies that are watchin’ over mom. Good job today!


I signed up 2 weeks ago to get a flu shot which was about 3 days prior to me getting the worst flu bug EVER. Anyhow, Flubusters came to the office today and as of this afternoon I’ve been vaccinated against “the three seasonal viruses that research suggests will be most common” (so says the CDC). Now let’s hope that H1N1 doesn’t come knockin’ on my door…


I’m really in the Halloween spirit this year. I decorated my kitchen, hung orange lights, snail-mailed Halloween greetings to my family and have single-handedly eaten at least 4 pounds of candy corn. Yesterday I took it a step further and made a spice cake in the shape of a pumpkin to share with my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and hilarious cousins! The picture doesn’t do it justice…it was way cuter in person!


Pumpkin Cake

The rainbow on the Waldo tunnel was getting “refreshed” this morning. I’m going to take a close look the next time I go by and see if they stayed inside the lines. Btw, if you’re wondering how I snapped this photo…err…let’s just say I did stay inside the lines…
Waldo Tunnel

Nothing better than waking up to the sound of rain. Enjoy!

Update: Well, after a treacherous walk from the bus stop to work (roughly 1 1/2 blocks) I was sufficiently soaked by the time I got into the office. Hoping to avoid any and all people until I had a chance to fix my sopping wet self just wasn’t in the cards. I ran into a friend immediately upon entering the building. He looks me up and down and tells me I look like a drowned cat. Well, his exact words were “wet kitten”, but I think we both knew he was being kind.

Note to self: Buy rain boots, rain slicker, and a LARGE umbrella before the next storm.

Happy Birthday to my very special goddaughter with the wicked forehand!


I’m 99% certain that the Blue Angels read my previous blog and quickly pulled together a modified “flatter” show so they could perform beneath the fog today. (I’m not even going to ask why they didn’t do this yesterday when the fog was scarcely as thick as it is today). Anyhow, I’m pleased as punch that I was able to catch multiple flybys over my perch on the corner of Polk & Washington. They are still the greatest show on earth (sorry, Barnum)!

As I was making my way up Polk Street yesterday at just about 3 o’clock I thought, “Self, can the Blue Angels fly in the fog?”. Now at this point the fog was just starting to drift in, not heavy by any means, and overhead the Blue Angles barreled in. What a relief! Well, that relief was short-lived. By the time I’d made my way down to the Pier they were out of sight and after about 4 minutes of looking around word got out that the show was canceled on account of fog. Understandably, even a little bit of fog matters when you’re flying 3 feet away from another plane…upside down…at a zillion MPH. Still…I am blue, blue, blue.

I’m not confident they’ll make it out at all today. As of 15 minutes ago the bay was fog city.

Apparently I’ve received my last issue of Gourmet magazine. This is so sad! Especially since a week ago I ordered the Gourmet/Bon Appetite combo from my niece’s magazine drive. Boo hoo. I guess now I’ll have to be content to not make recipes from Bon Appetite only…


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