On Saturday I completed the CF Climb for the Cure and succeeded in raising a PHENOMENAL $2445.37!!! I was the top individual female fundraiser thanks to my family & friends. I also managed to climb the 37 floors at One Front Street in SF.

One of the thoughts behind the Climb is that it gives climbers a small sense of what a person with CF deals with on a daily basis. By the 10th floor the shortness of breath had already kicked in and I still had 26 floors to go! Knowing my shortness of breath was temporary gave me a HUGE sense of appreciation and love for my healthy lungs and pushed me upward in honor of those whose lungs aren’t as healthy. I completed the climb in 13 minutes, 8 seconds!!

It was truly a special day as my mom, #1, Pookie, and MP all came to cheer me on. Pookie created the most amazingly special t-shirts that caught everyone’s eye! The people we met were so friendly and inspirational (including 2 young girls with lung transplants!). I really look forward to continuing to volunteer for the CFF!

I would also like to thank members of the Cal Rugby  team just for showing up. Sure, they made the climb in an amazing 5+ minutes which was impressive and they are also quite a nice group of guys, but let’s be real. Cal obviously sent the Rugby/supermodels. HUBBA HUBBA.