Here are a few photos of Trauma being filmed in front of Crunch Fitness on Polk this evening. Apparently Polk Street plays the part of Castro Street, Crunch plays the part of a nightclub, and the people in costumes play people in costumes. Overall, watching them prepare for this scene was a very boring experience. So I, of course, stayed planted to my prime curbside spot in front of Rex Cafe for almost 2 hours. I left at 8:45 after they had just started filming so I suspect they’ll be out there a few more hours if you want to check it out. (I think they’re filming tomorrow night too so maybe grab a drink at Rex’s and watch the…err…action).

Btw, the “crowd control” part of the crew is very friendly! Let’s keep these people employed…watch the premiere on NBC Monday, September 28th @ 9pm PDT.