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Today is #7’s VERY special day! Happy Birthday my little cupcake!!



I wish I’d found a buried treasure worth millions! If only I owned a metal detector and lived in Staffordshire…this could have been me. Darn! It’s a little less appealing to scour SF for such things. For one, I’m pretty sure metal detectors don’t detect through cement. For two, I suspect in my neighborhood the only treasures I’d find would be missing teeth and bullet casings.

Learn more about this lucky guys amazing buried treasure!

On Saturday I completed the CF Climb for the Cure and succeeded in raising a PHENOMENAL $2445.37!!! I was the top individual female fundraiser thanks to my family & friends. I also managed to climb the 37 floors at One Front Street in SF.

One of the thoughts behind the Climb is that it gives climbers a small sense of what a person with CF deals with on a daily basis. By the 10th floor the shortness of breath had already kicked in and I still had 26 floors to go! Knowing my shortness of breath was temporary gave me a HUGE sense of appreciation and love for my healthy lungs and pushed me upward in honor of those whose lungs aren’t as healthy. I completed the climb in 13 minutes, 8 seconds!!

It was truly a special day as my mom, #1, Pookie, and MP all came to cheer me on. Pookie created the most amazingly special t-shirts that caught everyone’s eye! The people we met were so friendly and inspirational (including 2 young girls with lung transplants!). I really look forward to continuing to volunteer for the CFF!

I would also like to thank members of the Cal Rugby  team just for showing up. Sure, they made the climb in an amazing 5+ minutes which was impressive and they are also quite a nice group of guys, but let’s be real. Cal obviously sent the Rugby/supermodels. HUBBA HUBBA.

On Saturday I’m climbing 36 stories for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. My fundraising goal was $1000 and thanks to my family and friends I’ve raised nearly $2200!!!

Today represents the last set of repeating, single-digit dates that we’ll see for almost a century (until January 1, 2101), or a millennium (January 1, 3001).  Check out this article about today’s very special date!


Some yahoo decided to plop himself down beneath my window and strum away on his ukulele. On a normal day I wouldn’t have noticed because I would have been at work, but today I was home and just curling up to rest my teeny tiny eyeballs. After putting up with this clown for about 20 minutes it hit me…I bet he wouldn’t enjoy resting his stupid little head against my wall if someone was hammering on the other side. So, I pulled out my trusty little hammer and tapped a few dimples into my wall and what do you know? The music man got up quicker than a tramp on a Tuesday. A little passive aggressive, sure, but you never know what you’re getting into with these whackadoodles. Especially whackadoodles living out of their van.

Mail Attachment

Here are a few photos of Trauma being filmed in front of Crunch Fitness on Polk this evening. Apparently Polk Street plays the part of Castro Street, Crunch plays the part of a nightclub, and the people in costumes play people in costumes. Overall, watching them prepare for this scene was a very boring experience. So I, of course, stayed planted to my prime curbside spot in front of Rex Cafe for almost 2 hours. I left at 8:45 after they had just started filming so I suspect they’ll be out there a few more hours if you want to check it out. (I think they’re filming tomorrow night too so maybe grab a drink at Rex’s and watch the…err…action).

Btw, the “crowd control” part of the crew is very friendly! Let’s keep these people employed…watch the premiere on NBC Monday, September 28th @ 9pm PDT.

Here are a few pics from outside of Crunch Fitness on Polk this afternoon. The t.v. series Trauma is prepping the area for filming tomorrow and Friday. I’m no genius, but based on the Halloween decor I’d say this is a Halloween episode…

Btw, Crunch will remain open during filming. Hopefully they’ll be compensated for this so they can finally fix all the machines that are broken and maybe, just maybe, repair the broken t.v.’s on the treadmills. Hey, a girl can dream.

It’s #1’s very special day today! Happy Birthday!


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