I’m not saying that I’m the next St. Francis of Assisi, but I did save this bird from the preying paws of a neighborhood cat. Amen!

So, this is how it all went down. I was walking through my parents family room minding my own business when I heard the desperate tweets of unarmed birdies. Knowing there was a birds nest outside the back door I said, “self…step on it so those poor little unhatched birds aren’t orphaned before they’re hatched”. I moved swiftly across the family room with the grace of a gazelle. I swung open the back door and found myself staring into the beady little eyes of the orange neighborhood cat, Jumper. Jumper had cornered momma bird and papa bird was helpless on the roof. Luckily, Jumper was no match for me as I chased him around the house and over the back fence. (He went over the back fence, I did not). I’m graceful like a gazelle, but I’m not actually a gazelle.

Anyhow, I returned to check on little mama bird and she was safe and sound. Papa bird, however; was nowhere in sight. Scaredy cat.