I had such a great weekend with Pookie, mp, and #7a (aka J). And how much do I love J for trying new chicken recipes? A LOT. Previously he grilled chicken zest-ed with lemons, oranges, and limes. On Saturday he took to cooking Tyler Florence’s “ultimate picnic menu“.

There were 3 parts to the menu:

It was J’s first attempt at fried chicken and it was gooooood. The skin was super crispy and the meat so moist…seriously awesome. The cherry tomato salad was fresh and flavorful and there are plans to repeat it this weekend! I usually like my corn totally natural, but I have to say that the chili lime butter gave the corn personality. I’m secretly thinking we might need to see that this weekend too. Perhaps with a touch less lime?

And I’m sure you wonder what Pookie and I were doing while J slaved away in the kitchen…we enjoyed ice cold bubbles of course! Teehee.