Well, our genius mayor has done it again (whether we like it or not). We are now required “by law” to compost. Super. I love listening to the homeless and, let’s be honest, the Chinese rifle through the recycling bins every Sunday night. How nice to know that soon they can get plastic and leftovers in one fell swoop. Hey, Mr. Mayor, is there a compost/recycle bin combo because maybe I could just prepare take-away garbage.

There’s nothing I like more than to walk out my front door Monday mornings to the site (and stench) of trash blowing along Polk Street. Oh, and to our mayor who thinks composting isn’t going to smell…Sir, take a walk down Polk Street at 7am on a Monday or walk by any garbage can during the week…they stink. It’s GARBAGE.

Anyhow, now “by law” we get to add our leftover dinner scraps to bin #3 (the green bin). Which, if you live in my apartment building, will be right outside the front door next to our recycling bins (the blue ones). Ooh…so I can walk by both bins every time I leave or return to my apartment. How lovely!

Although, I just had a thought! Maybe Gavin is planning on reducing the homeless problem by attracting more rats to the streets with the compost bins. Will the rats eat the homeless? Huh. Maybe this is a win-win.

A rat

A rat (not the rat)