I was updating my health care benefits today and the guy on the other end of the phone asked me a bunch of questions to make sure I qualified. Imagine my surprise when he wraps up the Q&A with “Have you used a backhoe in the past 2 years”? I paused as my mind reeled back to my childhood and weeding the yard with the short-handled hoe (#’s 1-7…you know what I’m talking about)…but, I finally replied…”A backhoe? I don’t think so.” Then he started laughing and said more clearly “t-o-b-a-c-c-o”.

The backhoe question didn’t seem totally unreasonable considering a month ago when signing up for renter’s insurance I was asked if I kept a trampoline or a snowmobile in my apartment…


A backhoe

The infamous short-handled hoe

...a short-handled hoe

The size of my apartment

...and the size of my apartment