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And bring an extra fifty cents. Bus fare goes from $1.50 to $2.00 tomorrow ($0.75 for senior citizens). Boo.


I had such a great weekend with Pookie, mp, and #7a (aka J). And how much do I love J for trying new chicken recipes? A LOT. Previously he grilled chicken zest-ed with lemons, oranges, and limes. On Saturday he took to cooking Tyler Florence’s “ultimate picnic menu“.

There were 3 parts to the menu:

It was J’s first attempt at fried chicken and it was gooooood. The skin was super crispy and the meat so moist…seriously awesome. The cherry tomato salad was fresh and flavorful and there are plans to repeat it this weekend! I usually like my corn totally natural, but I have to say that the chili lime butter gave the corn personality. I’m secretly thinking we might need to see that this weekend too. Perhaps with a touch less lime?

And I’m sure you wonder what Pookie and I were doing while J slaved away in the kitchen…we enjoyed ice cold bubbles of course! Teehee.

I sat next to this sleeping beauty on the bus this morning. Hard to tell where the hat stops…

The passing of Farrah Fawcett got me thinking about my hair. During my early teens I always wanted to be one of Charlie’s Angels. Definitely Jill (Farrah Fawcett) or Kelly (Jaclyn Smith), but in reality I was sadly more of a Sabrina (Kate Jackson). Still, I was mad about Kelly and my sister (#4) was so nice and did my hair in the likeness of Kelly Garrett for my freshman year high school photo. The resemblance is uncanny, no? (That’s me on the left).

I bought these bud vases Saturday morning at the Pottery Barn on Chestnut ($3 each). To my delight, my mom picked me some fresh roses on Sunday. (Hydrangeas are courtesy of ma too)! Aren’t they pretty? They make me smile.

Well, our genius mayor has done it again (whether we like it or not). We are now required “by law” to compost. Super. I love listening to the homeless and, let’s be honest, the Chinese rifle through the recycling bins every Sunday night. How nice to know that soon they can get plastic and leftovers in one fell swoop. Hey, Mr. Mayor, is there a compost/recycle bin combo because maybe I could just prepare take-away garbage.

There’s nothing I like more than to walk out my front door Monday mornings to the site (and stench) of trash blowing along Polk Street. Oh, and to our mayor who thinks composting isn’t going to smell…Sir, take a walk down Polk Street at 7am on a Monday or walk by any garbage can during the week…they stink. It’s GARBAGE.

Anyhow, now “by law” we get to add our leftover dinner scraps to bin #3 (the green bin). Which, if you live in my apartment building, will be right outside the front door next to our recycling bins (the blue ones). Ooh…so I can walk by both bins every time I leave or return to my apartment. How lovely!

Although, I just had a thought! Maybe Gavin is planning on reducing the homeless problem by attracting more rats to the streets with the compost bins. Will the rats eat the homeless? Huh. Maybe this is a win-win.

A rat

A rat (not the rat)

Who knew? I didn’t, but Jimmy Fallon just announced it on “Late Night” so it must be true. It’s funny because my topic is ginger. Sushi ginger to be exact. Sushi ginger is my favorite part of going out for sushi. I always ask for extra ginger…and it’s never enough. Well, tonight on my way home from Pilates I stopped into Real Food to check out their take-out sushi selection. It was 8:30 so there was only 1 pack of cucumber rolls left (which I grabbed), BUT now they have 2oz servings of sushi ginger for $1.49!!! HEAVEN.

So, my work peeps have organized an alphabet pub crawl. For those not familiar it means going to bars in alphabetical order. I missed the A’s, but caught the B’s. Lucky for me the B’s were conveniently located on Polk…Buccaneer, Bell Tower, and Bigfoot Lodge. The Bigfoot is an after-work favorite of some work peeps. Oh, and watch out for the Sasquatch at Bigfoot…word on the street is it will put you on your a**.

If I can make the C’s I’ll let you know…

My sister and I were very busy at work yesterday and got to IMing about our literary crushes.

Below is my list with the actor who portrays them on screen. In no particular order…

  • Mark Darcy – Bridget Jone’s Diary


    Colin Firth as Mark Darcy (in his reindeer jumper)

  • Fitzwilliam DarcyPride and Prejudice


    Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy

  • Edward Cullen – The Twilight series


    Robert Pattinson as my Edward

  • Ranger – Stephanie Plum novels
  • Demián Bichir (my pick for Ranger)

    Demián Bichir (my pick for Ranger)

  • Joe Morelli – Stephanie Plum novels
    Mark Ruffalo as Joe

    Mark Ruffalo (my pick for Joe)

    Who am I missing?

    Update: How could I forget Jason Bourne the assassin with a heart of gold? (Thanks, Pooky). That got me thinking about Jack Ryan from the Tom Clancy novels (and back when Harrison Ford was…err…less vintage). Pooky also recommended Jamie Frasier from the Outlander series, but I haven’t read those (yet).

I can’t believe it’s only Thursday…Is this week ever going to end?

I wish I were sitting on this beach rather than heading to my cubicle…

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