I don’t know how this happened. Maybe it’s the tradition of having crab for dinner on Christmas Eve. Maybe it was Pooky introducing me to crab rangoon about a year ago. Or maybe it just started with these red crab pillows I picked up at Pottery Barn last summer.

Which were soon followed by the glass crab from West Elm that I use to hold my “can’t see a thing once my contacts are out” glasses.

And then just the other day I picked up this crab bottle opener at Terrasol on Polk. (Haven’t used it yet. I guess I better start drinking beer).

And today, on my walk home from work I spotted this tote by Bungalow 360 at Cat Seto on Polk…which I did not purchase…yet.

I have no idea if or when I’ll decide that crab is out of my season, but I do know that Pottery Barn has crab placecard holders that I’m eyeing…(and totally make sense for all the dinner parties* I throw in my 250 sq. ft. studio apartment).

*Aunt Snook be warned…maybe we’ll switch up the program and you’ll be cracking crab here December 25!