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Dear Cupid,

I just saw Terminator Salvation and loved it! I also saw Sam Worthington and LOVE him! Don’t you think we’d make the best couple ever? I’m sure you’re busy so I thought you’d appreciate this little tip from me to you. Go ahead and shoot him with the Polkstreetandmore love arrow…Oh, and if you accidentally miss and hit Christian Bale that’s okay too.







Happy Birthday to my non-twinsical siblings #4 and #5! It is your very special day!

Btw, I can’t believe how old you both are…I sure am glad I’m younger. Teehee.

If you’re going to ask me for directions I would like to say that it’s the equivalent of closing your eyes, spinning in circles, and heading in whichever direction you’re facing when you open your eyes. Directions are not my thing. That being said, I love to dole them out to tourists who stop and ask me how to get somewhere. I am always so happy to be asked that I reply with gusto and confidence! I point and name streets and landmarks that (I think) are in the vicinity they’re headed, but really…I don’t know for sure. So, to the lovely couple who asked me how to get to Columbus @ Kearny…err…godspeed!


Last weekend seems so far gone, but my stomach starts growling when I think of all the yumminess that was grilled up. Saturday night we had trout that my brothers caught in Donner Lake. I don’t know which brothers so I’ll just give them all credit, but history would suggest that #5 probably had nothing to do with it. Sunday we grilled up chicken and pineapple which also tickled my taste buds. I say “we” grilled, but it was Dad at the helm. I showed up just in time to take pictures…or sometimes a little late (the headless fish as a case in point)…

Lost their heads


Dear Mother Nature,

I totally love the sunshine, but I would have appreciated it a lot more had it hit over the weekend. I’m sure my albino skin and I will appreciate it while sitting at my desk, staring out the window…

Your faithful servant,


…and they’re getting married!!!

I think I’ve waited an appropriate amount of time for #5 to contact all necessary peeps so I feel safe in saying: #5 is engaged to 5a-to-be! On Saturday evening we received a very happy phone call from #5 and his betrothed announcing their engagement. They were enjoying a long weekend at a resort in Taos, NM when my brother got down on bended knee. SO, SO, SOOO exciting!



My great plan to soak in the rays and work on my tan has been thwarted by the lack of sunshine. How on earth am I suppose to get a tan wrapped up in sweat pants and a fleece jacket? Lucky for me I have the innate ability to adapt to most situations so I’ve taken quite easily to chilling on the couch instead.

Note: I actually wrote this yesterday, but decided to post it today because it seemed more timely.

I was going to write about how I put a hole in my favorite sweater, but then a friend sent a video that made me change my mind. My friend CJ is currently stationed at Camp Taji, Iraq so it struck me that my sweater is the tiniest of tiny issues. As much as I’m looking forward to a 3-day weekend I was reminded that this weekend isn’t about me.

Another reminder. My high school classmate “Captain KN” will posthumously receive the Distinguished Flying Cross award on Memorial Day 5/25/09.

John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

If you have the chance check out this video:
Path of the Warrior

This morning I confirmed my reservations at a top-secret destination spot in Napa. Even with the late request I got the room I wanted! (This place is very accommodating). I can’t wait to lay by the private pool and walk through the garden to see what has changed since my last visit. When I check-in tomorrow afternoon (please, please no horrible traffic) I will kick off my heels and don my lounge-gear which I expect to wear until the last possible second on Monday. I hope the resident chefs (there are two) have some bar-b-que meals on the menu…actually, I’m sure they do.

The best part is the price…they’re accepting a stick of gum as payment! Well, I do have to circulate the pool too. I the luckiest girl in the world!

Here is a pic of flora taken during my last visit home.

My brother-in-law manned the bar-b-que last night and served up perfectly grilled chicken to top off a squelching hot day. I don’t have the full recipe, but I believe zesting 2 oranges, lemons, and limes was involved (which were later added to the grill and then used as garnish). I think he found the recipe in one of the Williams-Sonoma Grilling cookbooks, but I’m not sure which one. I’ll try to post the recipe in the next few days because, I think, this is one to keep on deck for summer.



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