I’ve seen Buckwheat three times today. THREE. Once on my way to work, once on my way home from pilates, and again on my way home from pilates because I stopped into Walgreens and he got ahead of me. Buckwheat is about 6’4″ and shuffles around with about 4 blankets wrapped around him. He’s not a regular, but you can’t miss him when he’s around. I tried to discreetly snap a photo, but my camera was out of space. I was going to try again, but then there was a couple behind me who seemed to be the type who would chastise me for my lack of sensitivity. Don’t worry, I will get a photo of the “little” rascal. O-tay?

Update: Buckwheat appears to be as elusive as Bigfoot. I have not seen him since this was posted, but will let you know when I do!