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Limonaia on Vallejo between Polk and Van Ness is a cute little shop with a very eclectic, over-priced, assortment of stuff that I absolutely don’t need. So, of course, I go in whenever I walk by. (It doesn’t help that I walk by on purpose either). I was there with my mom a couple of weeks ago and spotted the cutest mugs ever. My mom would have keeled over on-the-spot if I’d bought one because they’re pricey as far as mugs go ($14.50 each…gasp!). So, of course, I said to myself…”Self, you are coming back for one of those as soon as mom goes home.”  And go back I did. And I bought two. Oops.


I’ve seen Buckwheat three times today. THREE. Once on my way to work, once on my way home from pilates, and again on my way home from pilates because I stopped into Walgreens and he got ahead of me. Buckwheat is about 6’4″ and shuffles around with about 4 blankets wrapped around him. He’s not a regular, but you can’t miss him when he’s around. I tried to discreetly snap a photo, but my camera was out of space. I was going to try again, but then there was a couple behind me who seemed to be the type who would chastise me for my lack of sensitivity. Don’t worry, I will get a photo of the “little” rascal. O-tay?

Update: Buckwheat appears to be as elusive as Bigfoot. I have not seen him since this was posted, but will let you know when I do!

When one rides the bus one expects to encounter people from all walks of life. One also wishes she encountered more bus people who washed themselves appropriately. I’m a big fan of the shower, but even I adhere to no-shower-Sunday so it’s not like I’m a shower snob. The difference between me and the “stinkers” is that although I might skip Sunday I do shower Monday through Saturday (sometimes twice a day). So, for those of you adhering to no-shower-Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday-AND-Sunday…go grab yourself a fresh bar of soap and lather up. I don’t remember hearing that Saturday’s child is full of stink.

Mom visited this weekend and, while out shopping, I was able to show her how safe it is to live in SF. We passed a lovely, robust lady on our way into Walgreens (Polk @ Broadway) who was in cuffs waiting for a ride to the slammer. Nice! And then while on Market we quickly ducked into Marshall’s to avoid on-foot police in persuit of a light-footed, white, petite male. I told mom it was all “live art” and part of living in the big city…she totally bought it. I haven’t left my apartment since!

I saw Wicked at the Orpheum yesterday afternoon and was blown away. It is absolutely fantastic! There is no way I can do it justice, so don’t be a cowardly lion…buy tickets now and check it out for yourself. Also, my mom had a great idea and reserved a table at Cafe Bistro in Nordstrom before the matinee show…super yummy, super quick, and  super convenient.


There was a lady in front of my local coffee establishment yelling at her suitcase. I don’t know what it did to deserve such a tirade, but I hope it gets its act together. I thought I saw it making a funny face at her which is disrespectful, but that doesn’t warrant such a tongue lashing (does it?). I was going to suggest to her the idea of a “timeout”, but I had my purse with me and I didn’t want her to yell at it too!

Sometimes it is so nice to get away from all my homeless “friends” and head just a bit north. I’ve enjoyed a very nice day in Napa and love to see that spring is springing in my parent’s yard! As my R&R continues we are now going to watch Three Coins in the Fountain. Relaxus maximus.


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