My darling brother, #3, popped in to town on probably one of the most gorgeous days of the year. This morning he took a walk by Aquatic Park and continued on to Ft. Mason. He called to tell me how great the weather was – didn’t even need a coat! I’m glad Mother Nature delivered because when it’s warm and your hair isn’t blowing in your face San Francisco is a site to behold. Not that #3 has much hair to be blown. (Sorry, #3). We planned on meeting up for lunch and since he was staying at the Marriott on Fisherman’s Wharf it was an easy walk for me to meet him. We decided on Boudin’s because of its convenience and because he lives in Texas where, trust me on this, they do not have the delicious french bread that we are so lucky (?) to carbo-load on here.

We both ordered a bowl of clam chowder and half of a turkey sandwich. They serve it cafeteria style so the presentation is ho-hum, but it’s ready in under 5 minutes which is pretty incredible…unless you’re trying to kill an hour and a half…and it’s tasty. I thought it was a bit pricey (was it the chowder?) and it was nice that #3 treated (thanks, again!).

As always, it was great to see #3 and I think he’d agree that spending time with me is worth the price of chowder.

Editor’s note: Boudin’s has a restaurant upstairs for a slower dining experience. They also offer a tour where you can learn more about the history of Boudin’s and San Francisco. At the very least you should stop by and peer in their glass windows to appreciate the artistry of their bakers.