We are celebrating Mini Pookie’s 1st birthday tomorrow and I volunteered to bring brownies. Not just any brownies, but brownies in the shape of x’s, o’s, and hearts. The last time (and first time) I made these was over 2 years ago for my friend’s bridal shower. I remember now that there was a lot of cursing on my part while trying to get them out of the silicone mold. Fast forward to tonight…still a lot of cursing. I also could have sworn I had 2 molds, but it appears I only have one so an hour and a half into this gesture of love I only have 5 brownies.

Stay tuned for the final count…and pic.

Update: Final count is 35! 35 out of 48…I call it a win! Greasing the bejeezus out of the mold, cooking them all the way, and putting them in the fridge to cool helped the removal process – A LOT.

They may not look perfect, but they taste great & were made with love…xoxo!