I’m pretty tired of waking up each morning and hearing about the latest crackpot going on a shooting rampage. I’ve put together a quick 5-step exercise in case you’re thinking of shooting one or more people. Please follow these steps before you do anything rash:

1. Clean your house or apartment until it sparkles. It’s a fact that cleaning makes you feel better.

2. Organize your files…maybe write down any important account numbers and passwords and post them on your refrigerator.

3. While you’re there…clean out the fridge (get ready for a fresh start).

4. Make a quick run to your local hardware store and purchase a piece of plastic (doesn’t have to be too big…something painters use would be perfect).

Step 5 is the MOST important step of your recovery. If you still feel like going on a crazy rampage complete Step 5 first.

5. Lay out the piece of plastic you just purchased. Kick off your shoes and stand in the middle of it. Now, shoot yourself in the head.