When you feel a sense of uncertainty in this crazy “economical climate” (i hear that phrase a lot lately) it can help to focus on your favorite things. So today’s post is my favorite things about SF (in no particular order)…

  • Walking to work up Polk and having a bulls-eye view of Alcatraz
  • The Crepe House being 50 feet from my apartment (and that they’ll scramble the “Polk Street Omelet” for me) 
  • Appreciating the few stars I can see when there isn’t any fog (and there have been many nights recently. Hey, I can’t make it rain)
  • Finding hidden gardens or walkways tucked away between the many buildings 
  • Nick’s Crispy Tacos (cheap, yummy Mexican food)
  • Ping (that’s my Chinese delivery guy from Tai Chi. His name isn’t really Ping, but I like to call him that. He’s quick, like lightning)
  • Legion of Honor (there’s a painting by Van Gogh that I love. I don’t know the name of it…just where it is. And, of course, Water Lilies by Monet)
  • Running into people that I know randomly in my hood 
  • The GG
  • MB
  • Cable Cars (except when I’m behind one in my car)
  • My apartment (except when there’s water leaking through my ceiling, the lobby ceiling, or I see any sort of bug, or when I blow a fuse, or when there are loud people outside, or the Chinese smoker)
  • I really love my  apartment (for reals!)
  • I like driving past SFO and catching planes taking off (i’m sure people don’t like me veering into their lane, but…)
  • The Bagelry (no explanation needed, right?)

I’m sure I’m missing a zillion things, but those are the highlights. 

OMG. I almost forgot. 

  • The Blue Angels (my boys, as I like to call them)


The Golden GateBlue Angels