I had the distinct pleasure of babysitting my 8-month old niece for almost a solid 24 hours. Her mother (my sister) created a binder (indeed!) of 4 type-written pages of how to care for her darling daughter and manage the house. I know for a fact if these instructions could have been laminated it would have been done. Everything was going wonderfully (and the instructions were well appreciated) until it was my time to go to bed. There were no instructions for this and my downfall came the second I crawled under the covers. With a most reliable monitor next to my ear and mini pookie sleeping about 15 feet away in the next bedroom I should have joined her in sleepytown. Instead, I was on full alert.  Who on earth would be pulling into the driveway across the street at 11pm? A baby snatcher, that’s who! Why is the cat wandering the halls? He hears a stranger approaching, that’s why! So I checked on mp about 8 times during the night (though she made not a peep). She awoke earlier than ever at 5:52 and, frankly, I was happy for the company and she seemed pleased as punch to see me. As things go, after about 20 minutes of trying to entertain each other we both decided we needed a mini-break to rest our eyes a little more so we retreated to the rocker. It worked wonders. And I didn’t even tell her mom that somehow we slipped off the rocker. For reals.